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you too can support our projects.

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Even a little help is to us especially an expression of your faith and support in our work.

Thanks to your independent financial donations, we can fulfil our mission faster and provide help where it is needed the most.

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You too can make a donation, either by transferring money
to the organization's account: 0293185319/0800
or by handouts.

This way our clients can achieve complete
self-sufficiency in employment, housing, or debts,
and thus integrate quicker into common social life.

Your donations are targeted and will be utilized directly by our clients.

How can I help with handouts:

We provide material aid to families which have found themselves in social hardship, and will therefore appreciate especially:

  • basic food, hygiene supplies, washing powders, diapers, children's clothing and shoes, school supplies, strollers and children's beds, clothes, toys, teaching materials, functional appliances, and others

When organizing leisure time events for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, we will welcome help in the form of:

  • small gifts for children, sweets, art supplies, sport supplies, and the like
  • providing the space (gym, club house and others)
  • for organizing such events, free entrance to cultural events, to sports and entertainment facilities,
    and the like


When equipping the offices and running daily operations:

  • office furniture, computers, office equipment (even older, but operational), office supplies


You can also support our activities with:

  • discounts for the provided services
  • partnership with our association in the form of discounts for the following services: bus transportation, promotion, printing presentation materials, graphic services, photographic services, translations, and other things


Should you be interested, we will gladly issue you a certificate confirming your handout or donation.

Contact information for sponsors or questions of any kind:

Nikol Jiroutová – Management Assistant
Mobile: +420 778 481 728
E-mail: nikoljiroutova@romodrom.cz


Phone:  +420 226 521 495
E-mail: info@romodrom.cz


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