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Brno – Consulting a Psychologist

In Brno, clients have the option to consult a psychologist

Just like all services at our branch, her services are provided free of charge and it takes only a few days to get an appointment.

The psychologist usually provides services directly at the branch, though in special cases she can visit the clients (who must be more than 18 years old) at their home.

The psychologist will hear the service users out in a perceptive and discrete manner and will discuss their problems and worries. She can help with managing stress and unpleasant feelings stemming from unfavourable and difficult life situations – e.g. life in poor housing conditions, long-term unemployment, high debts, or problematic personal and family relations, issues related to children´s grades or behaviour, discrimination, addictions (their own or in the family), bad health or illness – all this often for an extended period of time and under poor material and financial circumstances. She also tries to motivate the service users towards making positive changes in their lives and solving their problems.

Consultations can take place on a one-time basis or repeatedly. Appointments can be made by personally visiting the branch (Koliště 31, Brno), or by phone (778 726 508 – Head of Service Jana Holková, who can also provide additional information).