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Pardubice Region – Debt Counselling and Insolvency (Personal Bankruptcy)

We offer free professional debt counselling services in the Pardubice Region.

We are a certified debt counselling centre licenced to process, prepare, and submit a bankruptcy petition.   We will support you in understanding the insolvency proceeding and, should you be granted insolvency, we will take care of submitting the bankruptcy petition.

This service is intended for all clients who:

  • need advice and support in solving their debts
  • are not able to solve their debts in such a way that they would be able to pay them
  • are falling into a debt trap and suffer hardship due to indebtedness

What we can do for you:

  • we provide free professional debt counselling, from basic identification of your debt situation, through communication with distrainors, repayment proposals, decreasing or remission of penalties, up to legal advice
  • insolvencies

How does it work:

If you want to solve or mitigate your hardship, contact the head of the debt counselling centre Mrs.  Bc.   Kateřina Voříšková:

Phone:  +420 774 792 309
e-mail: katerinavoriskova@romodrom.cz.

If needed, we can meet at the city hall in Luže or Skuteč, or we can come see you directly.

The bankruptcy petition proposal is done in our office at  Sukova třída 1556, Pardubice..

All our services are provided free of charge from Monday to Friday by appointment by phone from 8:00 to 16:00.

Professional debt counselling services are provided by Romodrom o.p.s.