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Project UNHCR

The project is funded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees based in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the project is to try to provide a specific protection response for Ukrainian Roma refugees/asylum seekers who are currently present or likely to arrive in Czech Republic during the course of the year:

Monitoring the main areas of presence of Ukrainian Roma refugees/asylum seekers. Providing social and legal assistance/counselling and referrals to the relevant body. Analysing the specific needs of the Roma population and the dynamics of movement within and outside the Czech Republic.

Who is the project for?
The project is primarily intended to assist Ukrainian refugees of Roma origin fleeing Ukraine. Initially, 6 regions are targeted, but depending on the development of the situation, other regions could be covered as well.

The project focuses on:
Roma Ukrainian refugees who have received temporary protection.
Roma Ukrainian asylum seekers awaiting confirmation of temporary protection, including those, who are accommodated, including those who are installed in temporary accommodation sites established by the authorities. Persons of Roma origin who have not been granted temporary protection but are still in the Czech Republic and are vulnerable.

What the project offers:
The project provides support to social workers and their temleaderum in complex work with Roma refugees in defined regions, in cooperation with partner organisations Khamoro and Vzájemné soužití, which are part of the RomanoNet network.

All the organisations that are part of RomanoNet also communicate with the Roma coordinator designated in each region, either to share their analysis or to respond to specific situations at the request of the authorities. Support from social workers also includes contact with institutions (e.g. employment offices, banks...), assistance in filling in administrative matters, supporting a better understanding of the localities and their surroundings, understanding local systems and processes (e.g. public transport, labour market, cultural practices...) etc. 

Who to contact:

Mgr. Mgr. Maria Potapova, DiS.
Project Manager
Mobile: +420 608 375 380
E-mail: mariapotapova@romodrom.cz