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Project UNICEF

Support for the integration of refugee children and their families in the Czech Republic.

The project is financed by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

The project is aimed at supporting the integration of refugee children and their families who identify as Roma by improving their access to healthcare, education, social services and child protection services.

Who is the project intended for?

The target group of the project is refugee Roma children and their families in the territory of the Czech Republic.

What the project offers:

As part of the project, 5 educational classes will be created, where educational and leisure time activities will take place with children of preschool and school age. Educational and leisure time activities will be provided with the help of coordinators for work with children and their assistants with knowledge of Ukrainian.

One of the project's activities is the design and implementation of an advocacy and communication strategy to support the rights and needs of Roma refugees, which should be aimed both at relevant institutions and entities, as well as at the majority society.

The project is largely accompanied by extensive research and regular monitoring and mapping of the situation in the various regions where we operate, we determine the mobility of people across the Czech Republic and beyond.


The complexity of working with children of preschool and school age is ensured by a mobile team consisting of a researcher/coordinator, an education expert, a networking specialist, a child psychologist and a special educator. Their main goal is an effective and comprehensive solution to the problems of Roma Ukrainian children in the localities where we operate, based on continuous mapping and monitoring of the current situation in the regions, which is ensured by local social workers and team leaders.

Experts in the mobile team will go to localities and assess individual cases of children at risk and will propose a comprehensive solution to their situation, if necessary, also ensure the assistance and help of other external experts on site (pediatrician, psychiatrist, lawyer, etc.). The mobile team will be connected with the local community and stakeholders.


Who to contact:

Mgr. Maria Potapova, DiS.

Project manager

Mobil: +420 608 375 380

E-mail: mariapotapova@romodrom.cz