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Food for Health

The Food for Health project is funded by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps programme. It is active from November 2021 to April 2022.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of a healthy and varied diet and its importance for health, especially among the Roma. The project involves a group of young people who have decided to use their interest in a healthy diet to reach the general public and thus strive for a healthier approach to life and better information. At the same time, this project is an opportunity to expand and acquire new skills regarding project implementation, video creation, promotion, communication with third parties, etc.

Team members shoot videos about healthy and cheap cooking. It also includes the purchase of ingredients – if possible, local ingredients produced or grown in the Czech Republic are chosen. From these ingredients, they cook healthy food under the supervision of a coach. The video is then edited, post-produced and placed on the web and social networks. In one of the videos, a nutritionist will be doing the cooking, while a public figure will appear in another one.

The project is aimed at raising awareness and promoting a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable approach, especially among the Roma community in Slaný. We also distribute leaflets with information about the project in Slaný, and there will also be a degustation of the cooked food for the local community there at the end of the project.


Project Timetable

November 2021

Initial meeting and 1st organizational meeting, distribution of information leaflets about the project and video shooting in Slaný, 2nd organizational meeting

December 2021

Video shooting, 3rd organizational meeting

January 2022

Video shooting with a nutritionist, 4th organizational meeting

February 2022

Video shooting with a public figure, 5th organizational meeting

March 2022

Video shooting, 6th organizational meeting

April 2022

Video shooting, distribution of information leaflets about the project and food degustation in Slaný, final meeting and evaluation of the project



Contact Person:

Mgr. Petra Pípalová, Project Manager

Phone: 778 454 121

Email: petrapipalova@romodrom.cz


Cooking videos can also be viewed on our social networks:

Facebook: Romodrom
YouTube: Romodrom Music studio