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Debt Counselling Semněvice and Community Work in the Semněvice Municipality

The Debt Counselling Semněvice and Community Work in the Semněvice Municipality project, registration number CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/16_052/0016672.

The project focuses on decreasing the tension between the inhabitants of the socially excluded locality and the remaining inhabitants of Semněvice, improving mutual coexistence between the municipality´s inhabitants and the life situations of the families in the socially excluded locality, stabilizing the people´s economical and social situation, directing them towards solving their indebtedness and to approach their commitments responsibly, restoring and developing key competencies, skills, knowledges, and abilities by means of community work.


Areas of provision:

  • Semněvice municipality


For whom is the project intended?

  • socially excluded people or people in danger of social exclusion.

We offer

Debt counselling

  • support in acquiring orientation about the service recipient´s financial situation by mapping commitments,
  • basic counselling and orientation in the social system
  • practice in this area (writing out a money order for a repayment, repaying debts, managing the budget, paying the rent and services related to using a flat, how to keep a job, etc.)
  • assistance and accompaniment when dealing with authorities, energy and gas suppliers
  • assistance when communicating with distrainors and other creditors, or when writing requests for repayment plans and other debt-related documents
  • assistance with filing a bankruptcy petition and debt elimination at the relevant court,
  • increasing the service recipient´s financial literacy and educating about how to protect his/her rights when entering contractual relations,
  • motivating the service recipient to solve his/her indebtedness and to manage his/her finances in a responsible manner,

 Professional debt counselling

  • mobilizing resources within a community of people living in a socially excluded locality
  • supporting the creation of a community capable of solving problems affecting this community
  • involving all relevant parties which can contribute to solving the problem at hand professionally, thanks to their function, or otherwise depending on the nature of the situation

Community work office hours:

















Principles of provision:


  • services are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • discretion, the possibility to utilize services anonymously
  • support in an independent solving of one´s needs
  • individual approach
  • respecting the user´s free will


Monika Oračková – Community Worker
Phone: +420 770 165 220
E-mail: monikaorackova@romodrom.cz


Where to find us:


The Debt Counselling Semněvice project is being implemented from 1. 9. 2020 to 30. 4. 2022.