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Children´s Group Slaný II.

 Children´s Group Slaný II. project,  reg. no: CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/19_101/0016174 is financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Employment.


The project´s main goal is to expand childcare services in the location of implementation and thereby improve the conditions for employment of women with children. The project supports women with children from a socio-culturally disadvantaged background who have difficulties finding employment. Aside from preparing children to integrate into a regular kindergarten or primary school, the goal of the children´s group is to create favourable conditions for the employment of parents with children. By operating the children´s group, we expand the offer of childcare services, which is insufficient or financially inaccessible for many of our clients. As part of their attendance, the children learn skills applicable in life.


For whom is the project intended

  • parents with children until beginning compulsory education, that is parents of children or persons who take care of preschool-aged children in a common household, and are employed or actively jobhunting,
  • children at the age until beginning compulsory education (from 1 to 6 years old),
  • groups of disadvantaged children and parents whose children do not normally attend primary school, mainly due to the family´s low economic situation – services are provided free of charge.


We offer

  • Mainly activities similar to those found in regular kindergarten: community circle, physical activities, educational activities, graphomotor exercises, fine arts activities, musical-physical activities, creative group activities, and others.
  •  We adjust our methods to work with children from a different socio-cultural environment – especially strengthening individual work with a child, strengthening speech therapy exercises, activities aimed at developing and expanding vocabulary (fairy tales, rhymes, picture reading, and other) and visual and auditory perception by utilizing the knowledge of children from their socio-cultural environment (e.g. songs, dances, and others).
  • utilizing certain experiential learning methods,
  • regularly supporting children with a speech therapist in case of need,
  • creating a family environment.

The children´s group has a capacity of 12.


When is the Children´s Group open:
















The Children´s Group is operational during holidays as well.


Prerequisites for acceptance into the Children´s Group:

  • a properly filled-in application and contract on the provision of services by the Children´s Group
  • a medical certificate of the child´s fitness,
  • a confirmation about the supported person´s (the child´s legal representative/parent) position in the job market
  • a filled-in monitoring list of the supported person

You will fill in the application and contract on the provision of services personally at the Children´s Group with the group´s workers.
You can obtain the remaining necessary documents also personally at the Children´s Group from the group´s workers or download them below using the provided attachments.


Principles of provision:

  • services are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • discretion
  • supporting children in healthy development
  • individual approach



Marie Ryšlavá - Caretaker
Phone: +420 775 593 943, +420 774 006 001
E-mail: marieryslava@romodrom.cz


Where to find us:


The Children´s Group Slaný project is being implemented from 1. 5. 2020 to 30. 4. 2022. The project directly follows up on the previous Children´s Groups Romodrom Slaný, which were open from 1. 5. 2016 to 30. 4. 2020.