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Miri Gil'i Má píseň (My Song) music competition was established in 2015 in response to the close relationship of the Roma minority to music and dance.

It is about raising the author's Romani art and consolidating it in the Czech environment. The idea of ​​the whole competition is, in the words of Milan Šenki, the motivation of children, young people and adults to try something new, to follow through with it and to start the process of setting and fulfilling other life goals. The first step is always to start, but it is just as important to continue the efforts. Among the participants, there are often talents who, for example, do not dare to participate in a larger music competition such as SuperStar.

An important feature behind the entire festival is also the connection of the majority with the Roma minority and the overall multicultural awareness raising. Through this artistic event, the majority society gets acquainted with the culture of the Roma, which is otherwise presented only marginally. The festival does not target only
a specific group of people, but the society as a whole.

The one-day music festival, which is the highlight of the entire competition, has been taking place every year since 2015. Throughout its existence, it has gained its audience and in 2019 it was relocated, thanks to its growing popularity, to outdoor spaces offering greater spectator capacity. Thanks to the patronage of the City District of Prague 8, it has been taking place since then in the park on Karlin square. For examples,
in 2021 the realization was financially supported by the Prague City Hall and the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic. Every year, the jury consists of famous faces from the music world with ties to Romani culture, such as David Kraus, Jan Bendig, Ferry B and others.

Although only 30 contestants took part in the first year, the number grows from year to year. The current organizational structure thus consists of a wider and narrower selection of contestants. For example, in 2018, the competition was attended by 250 participants in the wider and 28 participants in the narrower selection.
It includes categories of music and singing, separately for children and adults.

Videos from individual competition years can also be viewed on Facebook or Youtube platforms. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to arrange contacts and further cooperate in the art world.


Competition schedule:

Implementation period

Subject of implementation

January – April

- on the phone/e-mail address established for the given year
- sending a video with your performance together with a medallion about


Semi-finals from which 10 final contestants will emerge (plus one "wild card")

April - July

Music camps and cooperation with final contestants


Grand finale


Updates and information for each year can be found on the Facebook page.


Whom to contact:

Milan Šenki – Professional Guarantor
Mobile phone: +420 778 536 663
E-mail: milansenki@seznam.cz





In 2021, the project was financially supported by the Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and the Municipal District of Prague 8.


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