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Field Programmes – South Moravian Region

The Social Services Romodrom Brno project, reg. no.: CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/16_052/0007769, is financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Employment.

About the service:
Type of service: Field Programmes – South Moravian Region

Identifier: 8207803


The goal of the provided social service was to eliminate or mitigate the impact of social exclusion on the lives of the social service users (people who are socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion).  The social service provided these people with the necessary assistance and support in dealing with their problems in a field form.


Areas of provision:

ORP Brno, especially: parts of the statutory city of Brno:

  • Brno – střed, e.g. Koliště, Dornych, Vlhká and other streets
  • Brno – sever, e.g. Cejl, Bratislavská, Francouzská and other streets


For whom is the service intended?

  • people older than 15
  • people living in socially excluded communities in Brno.


What the Service Offered

It is a registered social service in accordance with § 69 of Act No. 108/2006 Coll. On Social Services, which is provided in the ORP Brno. Operating in the service users' natural environment, the workers offered - in the form of field social work – basic support and active assistance in the following areas:

  • basic counselling:  providing the necessary information leading to the solution of the service user's unfavourable social situation – serves as an orientation in the issue reducing his quality of life, as well as orientation in the possible assistance in solving his issue
  • accompanying to institutions: based on the service user´s wish, the worker accompanied him/her at actions at institutions and supported him/her in the dealings themselves
  • assistance in dealing with daily matters:  assistance with writing various requests (material need benefits, state social support, social apartment, and others), assistance in handling documents, understanding official correspondence, filling in forms, assistance with writing appeals, etc.
  • providing contact information for follow-up care institutions: the service user was informed about follow-up care institutions, i.e. the authorities and organizations providing professional social assistance, in order to successfully solve the service user´s problem – based on the service user´s request, the workers were able to help him/her arrange a meeting with the respective institution, or accompany the service user to the said institution
  • working with the service user in his/her natural environment: working with the service user in an environment where he/she normally functions
  • social work: individual work with the service user aimed at educating the user – in the matter at hand, strengthening competences, autonomy, and independence on social services as a whole

The activities we provide aim at improving the users´ orientation in the social environment, reducing their concerns when dealing with authorities and institutions, familiarizing them with and helping them understand their rights, claims, as well as duties.
We help users exercise their rights, legitimate interests, and handling personal matters (e.g. communicating with authorities, filling in forms, dealing with institutions, applying for social benefits, assistance with finding housing and employment).  We provide activities supporting social inclusion. With regard to finances we assist with setting a balanced household budget, preventing and increasing over-indebtedness.
With regard to employment we offer consultation on job opportunities and offers relevant to the users´ abilities.


Field work office hours:

















Principles of Provision:

  • the service is provided to the users free of charge
  • respecting the interested person or user as a unique being with unique abilities and skills
  • respecting the user´s right to privacy
  • discretion – maintaining confidentiality of information
  • abide by the principles of personal information protection with regard to users who utilize the service with their identity disclosed
  • the user´s right to decide whether to utilize the service anonymously or with their identity disclosed
  • a partner approach towards the user on the one hand, strengthening his/her autonomy on the other hand
  • activating the user to undergo discomfort and solve the issues which decrease the user´s quality of life – especially providing professional services in such a manner that increases the user´s chance to solve his problem, but not solve the user´s problems for him/her
  • the worker does not side with anyone when dealing with the users, and treats all users equally
  • all workers fulfil qualification requirements in accordance with Act no. 108/2006 Sb., on social services and continuously educate themselves.



Eva Zlámalová, DiS. – Head of Social Service
Phone: +420 778 531 940
E-mail: evazlamalova@romodrom.cz


Where to find us:



The Field Programmes – South Moravian Region social service has been provided since 14. 3. 2014.

The Social Service Romodrom Brno project is being implemented from 1. 1. 2018 to 31. 03. 2021.