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Social Activation Services for Families with Children

The Supporting Selected Types of Social Services in the Central Bohemian Region III., reg. no.: CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/15_005/0014160, is financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Employment.

About the provided service:
Type of service:

 Social Activation Services for Families with Children

Identifier: 7058421


The goal of the service is to provide people from the target group support in acquiring competencies in the field of raising and educating children, support them in learning parental behaviour, managing the household and finances, provide them with contact and support in acquiring competencies in dealing with authorities, schools, and school facilities.   And further provide people from the target group support in managing difficult life and social events. The project focuses on supporting selected types of social services, especially social prevention services in the Central Bohemian Region.


Areas of Provision:

  • the town of Nymburk and surrounding municipalities (Dymokury, Činěves, Svídnice, Městec Králové, Poděbrady, Chrást, Bříství, Velký Osek and others)


For whom is the service intended?

  • children and youth aged 6 to 26 endangered by socially undesirable phenomena,
  • people living in socially excluded communities
  • people living a high-risk way of life or endangered by such a way of life
  • families with child/children,
  • ethnic minorities


What the service offered

It is a registered social service in accordance with § 65 of Act No. 108/2006 Coll. On Social Services, provided in Nymburk and its surroundings, in which we offer in-the-field and outpatient support to families which have found themselves in a critical social situation which they cannot overcome without help and which endangers their children´s development.


  • educational, instructional, and activation activities (work education activity with children – support of parents´ competencies in children´s education, preparing children for school at home, finding suitable hobby groups and leisure time activities for children),
  • work education activity with adults (e.g. supporting and practicing parental behaviour including managing the household and finances, supporting and practicing social competencies in dealing with authorities, schools, school facilities),
  • practicing and strengthening the child´s motor, mental, and social abilities and skills,
  • ensuring the conditions and providing support for adequate children´s education,
  • ensuring the conditions for socially acceptable leisure time activities  -  providing contact with the social environment (walking children to school, school facility, to the doctor, to hobby groups, and back),
  • social therapeutic activities: - the provision led to the development or maintenance of personal social abilities and skills, supporting the social inclusion of persons,
  • assistance with exercising rights, legitimate interests, and handling personal matters (assistance with handling personal matters),
  • assistance with restoring or strengthening contact with the family and support during other activities supporting one´s social inclusion.

Field work office hours:

Monday 10:00 17:00
Tuesday 10:00 16:00
Wednesday 10:00 17:00
Thursday 10:00 16:00
Friday ----- -----


Outpatient office hours:

Monday 8:00 10:00
Tuesday 8:00 10:00
Wednesday 8:00 10:00
Thursday 8:00 10:00
Friday 8:00
14:00 administration


Principles of provision:

  • the service is provided to the users free of charge,
  • clients are led towards autonomy,
  • the worker treats every user individually in accordance with his/her needs, abilities, resources, social situation, and personal plans,
  • the client´s decision regarding the choice of solution to his unfavourable situation is fully respected by the workers,
  • the service workers provide their assistance to users independently and inform them that they do not have the powers of a civil servant,
  • the worker does not side with anyone when dealing with the users, and treats all users equally
  • all workers fulfil qualification requirements in accordance with Act no. 108/2006 Sb., on social services and continuously educate themselves.



Eliška Heřmanská – Head of Social Service
Phone: +420 725 903 078
E-mail: eliskahermanska@romodrom.cz


Where to find us:



Information About the Service in the Social Service Providers Registry


The Social Activation Services for Families with Children – Central Bohemian Region social services has been provided since 20. 5. 2015.

The Supporting Selected Types of Social Services in the Central Bohemian Region III. project is being implemented from 1. 1. 2020 to 31. 12. 2020. The project loosely follows up on the Social Services Romodrom Slaný II. project, which was implemented between 1. 1. 2016 and 31. 12. 2019.