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Children´s Group Romodrom Slaný

The goal of the Children´s Group Romodrom Slaný project is to enhance the childcare services in the location of implementation and improve the employment conditions of women with children. The project supports women with children from a socio-culturally disadvantaged environment who are having difficulties finding a job. We also work with the children in the group in such a way that they would be ready to transfer to a regular kindergarten and could integrate into the regular education system, since they do not always receive as much care at home as would be necessary. As part of their attendance, the children learn skills applicable in life.

The children spend time both on the children´s group´s premises as well as outside in the garden or on the surrounding playgrounds. As part of our services, we offer free counselling for parents regarding upbringing. Thanks to a functional Preschool Education Centre, Romodrom o.p.s. has an established target group of people in Slaný who are interested in having their children attend the newly formed children´s group.

The project´s capacity is 12 children, and the group is open every working day from 8:00 to 16:00, with children being eligible to attend at an age of 1 to 6. The project was in May 2016 and last until April 2020.