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Community Work Karviná

The goal of the project was – using community service tools – to strive for improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the socially excluded locality Karviná- Nové Město. This in practice means establishing contacts, acquiring knowledge about the community (the number of children required to undergo compulsory education, indebtedness, hierarchy within the community, etc.), identifying the problems by the members of the community (area of residence, ways of spending leisure time, acquiring competencies necessary for life). The project supports self-help work aimed at increasing the quality of life in the locality as identified by its inhabitants and building relations within the community. The organization builds its community work on experience gained in a similar project, “Community Work in Zastávka”, successfully implemented in 2017 in the South Moravian Region. The aforementioned activities should culminate in a reduction of social exclusion of the Roma living in this locality in Karviná 6 city district, their gradual fully-fledged integration into the local community, and good coexistence of all inhabitants of the locality.

The project was financed by subsidies provided by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic via the Social Exclusion Prevention and Community Work programme.