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Community Work Semněvice 2018

By implementing this project, we seek to ease the tensions between the Roma tenants in prefabs in Semněvice (Domažlice District, Plzeň Region) and other citizens of the town, including its representatives and between members of the Roma community themselves. The locality in question is inhabited by people in danger of social exclusion, living in the immediate neighbourhood of other inhabitants. The goal of the project is therefore to fully integrate the socially disadvantaged citizens into the local community and creating good relations between all the inhabitants of the locality in question. We also aim to reduce the social exclusion of the Roma in an unfavourable life situation and lead the supported people towards autonomy in such a way that they would be able to deal with their situation on their own and motivate others within the community with their own example.

The project is financed by subsidies provided by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic via the Social Exclusion Prevention and Community Work programme, by a specific grant from the Plzeň Region, and a donation by the Semněvice Municipality.