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Employment Support – A Path to Success

The Employment Support – A Path to Success project, reg. no. CZ.03.1.48/0.0/0.0/17_075/0009171, is financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Employment.


The goal of the project is to improve the status and job market prospects of the involved people from the target group with the outcome being their increased employment and employability. Motivate them to eliminate the barriers preventing them from accessing the job market, provide them with support in entering and remaining on the job market, increase their work competence and provide them with employment and debt counselling. The project also includes requalification leading to an increased ability to find employment. The project deals with difficult access to employment experienced by national minorities, especially the Roma, in the Olomouc Region.

Services are provided outpatient as well as in the field, including clients´ homes.


Who is the Service Intended For?

  • persons older than 18 years,
  • applicants registered at the Labour Office or inactive persons classified as national minorities
    in the Olomouc Region area – the primary target group are the Roma,
  • persons from other national minorities in the Czech Republic with primary education, low or inappropriate qualification or without long-term employment experience,
  • persons dealing with social exclusion or other social pathological phenomena and discrimination.


We Offer

Employment Counselling

  • developing basic competences necessary to find employment on the job market,
  • supporting activities leading to acquiring and maintaining work habits and gaining work experience,
  • supporting the service recipient during communication with potential employers,
  • assisting the drafting of a CV and motivation letter,
  • preparing for job interview and the possibility of accompanying for job interview,
  • acquiring soft skills,
  • cooperating with the respective Labour Office for maximum effect in establishing and covering the needs of service recipients,
  • mediating communication with the respective Labour Office and potential employers,
  • raising awareness about the rights and obligations of employees and employers,
  • support in dealing with labour law disputes,
  • support in choosing the appropriate professional requalification with regard to the prospects of future employment,
  • the possibility of arranging for a requalification course covered by the project,
  • support after finding employment during the adaptation period,
  • assistance with acquiring basic computer literacy.


Debt Counselling

  • support in acquiring orientation about the service recipient´s financial situation by mapping commitments,
  • assistance with filing a bankruptcy petition and debt elimination at the relevant court,
  • individual debt and seizure solution,
  • assistance with setting a payment schedule,
  • assistance with writing applications and other documents when communicating with creditors or distrainors,
  • accompanying to meetings with creditors, distrainors, or to different organizations or institutions,
  • uncovering dishonest practices and referring institutions which will help solve disputes created by these,
  • increasing the service recipient´s financial literacy and educating about how to protect his/her rights when entering contractual relations,
  • consulting the service recipient on improving his/her social situation,
  • motivating the service recipient to solve his/her indebtedness and to manage his/her finances in a responsible manner,
  • in legitimate cases, the ability to utilize the services of an external lawyer specializing in debt issues (the decision on whether the utilization of this service is legitimate or not depends on the service provider).


Principles of Provision:

  • the service is provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • discretion, the ability to utilize the service anonymously
  • support towards the independent resolution of one´s own needs
  • individual approach
  • respecting the user´s free will



Bc. Maria Potapová, DiS. – Employment Consultant
Mobile: +420 725 844 850
E-mail: mariapotapova@romodrom.cz


Bc. Petra Stonišová – Employment Consultant
Mobile: +420 778 491 142
E-mail: petrastonisova@romodrom.cz


The Employment Support – A Path to Success Project was implemented from 1. 10. 2018 to 30. 11. 2020.