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Field Programmes – Hradec Králové Region

Target group:
• people living in socially excluded communities
• people who are living a risky way of life or are endangered by such a way of life

Client age category:
• older than 15

Dealing with a person interested in the service, the user´s entrance in the service:
- Contact in the user´s natural environment or at the recommendation of the authorities
- Information about the provided services, the service´s location, time availability, contact
- Verify whether the interested person qualifies as a member of the target group
- Close the contract, agreement with processing personal information, IP (individual plan – stating the contract)

Detailed description of service implementation:
The field programmes provide the services mainly in the user´s natural environment in the following areas: housing issues, social support, family law, discrimination, educative activities, schooling, employment, debt counselling, consumer protection, criminal law, providing follow-up services and social health counselling.

Range of provided services:
1. Information: providing accurate and factually correct information in verbal or written form (information regarding applicable legislation, social network, evaluating the factual accuracy of submitted documents, contacts for institutions etc.).
2. Advice: providing targeted advice as per the user´s contract, strategy of approach, analysing and offering alternatives for dealing with the situation.
3. Active assistance: practical assistance and support when writing documents (proposals, statements, appeals and complaints to authorities, courts, and other institutions), filling in forms, explaining the content of documents and with calculations, assistance with exercising rights, rightful interests and when dealing with personal matters
4. Accompanying: accompanying users when dealing with their unfavourable social situation (authorities, schools, doctors, medical institutions and insurance companies, follow-up social services, law enforcement authorities, courts, accommodation, employers, and others, depending on the user´s needs).

Methods of work:
• absence of charges
• expertise
• low threshold – the service is designed for people who lack access to regular social and other services due to social exclusion
• complex approach to dealing with the user´s situation and his/her relation to family and society
• equal access to the service – the service is provided to everyone regardless of gender, age, handicaps, nationality, religion, language, political ideology or sexual orientation or social situation
• individual approach – the workers approach the service user with regard to their unique personality, situation and desires, they act in a way that takes the user´s individuality into consideration
• the workers protect sensitive information received from the client throughout the service, they lead the client towards autonomy and taking over responsibility for their life situation and not relying on the social worker
• mediating contact with the social environment

Handling complaints:
a) Complaints will be examined and the complaining party will receive a response no later than 30 days after the filing date. Should the examination of the complaint be so demanding that the receiving party is unable to process it within 30 days, they must inform the complaining party about this fact and state an alternative date, until when and by whom will the complaint be examined (no later than an additional 30 days however).
b) The outcome of the examination will always be conveyed to the complaining party in written form:
• sent by mail or email
• personally handed over to the complaining party from the service users (in case of non-anonymous filing)
• in case of a legitimate anonymous filing, it will be put up on the notice board in the place where the service is provided (should the complaint be deemed illegitimate, this fact will be announced on the notice board)
c) Complaints deemed illegitimate will include a record in the register of complaints detailing how was this conclusion reached.
d) Complaints are subject to the Act On the Protection of Personal Data – they are treated as confidential documents. They are kept in locked areas designated for such purpose.
e) Should the social service user be unsatisfied with how the complaint was handled, he/she has the right to appeal to a higher authority of that which handled the complaint.

Termination of service:
The social service user can terminate cooperation with the social service provider at any time, without stating the reason. The social service provider can terminate cooperation with the social service user only in ways stipulated by law (fulfilling the user´s contract, expiration of the contract on the provision of a social service, disqualifying the user from the service due to seriously violating the terms of cooperation).

Payment for services:
Social services are provided free of charge.

Spaces, material and technical equipment:
Office at the aforementioned address, equipped (desks, chairs, closets, office supplies), technical equipment: printer, laptop, phone.

The procurement was financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment and the state budget of the Czech Republic.