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Health Prevention Assistant

The Health Prevention Assistant in the MAS SKCH Area Project, reg. no. CZ.03.2.65/0.0/0.0/16_047/0009874,
is financed by the ESF via the Operational Programme Employment.

The goal of the project is to mitigate the impact of social exclusion on socially excluded people and people at risk of social exclusion in the MAS Chrastecko, Skutečsko and Košumbersko area, where we specifically aim at preventing healthcare inequality. Services are provided in the field.

Who is the Project Intended For?

  • people older than 18 years, who are socially excluded or at risk of exclusion, and who live in the MAS Skutečsko, Košumbersko and Chrástecko area,
  • people taking care of a close person,
  • people endangered by specific health risks (with a lower social or economic status),
  • people in an unfavourable life situation who have difficult access to information, services, and institutions in the field of health prevention and healthcare.


We Offer

  • mediating information concerning health, the healthcare system, and follow-up services,
  • assistance with dealing with health services and institutions,
  • assistance with renewing and arranging health-related documents (insurance card, OZP card, health status confirmation, etc.),
  • support when dealing with health insurance companies,
  • accompanying to facilities providing healthcare and follow-up services,
  • basic legal counselling concerning health,
  • education in support of a healthy life.

Principles of Provision

  • services are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • discretion, the possibility to utilize services anonymously
  • support in an independent solving of one's needs
  • individual approach
  • respecting the user's free will


Daniel Bakeš – Head of Branch in Pardubice Region
Tel.: +420 774 792 310
E-mail: bakes@romodrom.cz

The Health Prevention Assistant Project was implemented from 1. 11. 2018 to 31. 10. 2020.