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Housing is the Basis

The Housing is the Basis project, reg. no. CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/16_064/0006446, was financed by the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Employment.

The main goal was to accommodate people living in shelters, rooming houses, and other conditions unfavourable for living, into flats available on the housing market and help them hold on to these flats.
The premise for this was that when a person has a place to live, he subsequently has greater competence and motivation to deal with other unfavourable life situations, such as debts, employment, etc. 

Who Was the Project Intended For?

  • national minorities,
  • homeless persons,
  • people living in an unsuitable or insecure housing.

What It Offered:

  • creating an individual housing plan – mapping the housing needs and ideas – how many people in a household, where to live, under what financial circumstances + specific requirements (barrier-free etc.); settling on the ideas – what is and is not feasible,
  • together with the beneficiary we perform a financial analysis of the household's incomes and expenses, we set the household budget, ascertain possible debts and recommend their solution, setting payment schedules, we motivate the beneficiary to save caution money for future accommodation, motivate him to find a job to increase income, check whether the beneficiary's payments are well set,
  • building up other housing competences – assistance with communication, supporting non-conflict behaviour, hygiene, motivating the client towards proactivity,
  • searching for accommodation on the real estate market – finding “tailored” offers with the help of a real estate specialist, making tours of the apartments, writing applications for a city or social apartment; in case of acute housing difficulties, assisting with finding so-called temporary housing,
  • checking the lease agreement, help with moving, furnishings, getting to know the neighbours, lease rules,
  • assistance after moving – checking payments, checking consumption and setting an ideal rate of deposits and payments for power, we will support you in communicating with the owner, in solving potential conflicts, arrears,
  • assistance with holding on to the new housing – supporting the beneficiary in housing competences and other areas of life, in building relations with neighbours, joining the new community.


Principles of Provision:

  • the project is provided to the beneficiaries FREE OF CHARGE
  • support towards the independent resolution of one's own needs
  • discrete and individual approach
  • respecting the user's free will

The project was implemented in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc Region from 1. 9. 2017 to 31. 8. 2020.