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Professional Social Counselling – Hradec Králové Region

The Family Centre was established as the result of a long-term negotiation within the scope of a local partnership and work groups of the city of Broumov. The Family Centre´s mission is to help and support families with children from socially excluded localities in Broumov who find themselves in an unfavourable social situation. Our effort is to boost their skills and motivation to take lives into their own hands and be responsible for themselves, their situation, in accordance with their abilities and skills.

Professional Social Counselling – Hradec Králové Region is a registered service in accordance with § 65 of the Act On Social Services 108/2006 Coll.

Target group
- people in crisis
- people living in socially excluded communities
- people leading a risky way of life or endangered by such a way of life
- families with child/children
- ethnic minorities

Client age category: older than 15

Dealing with a person interested in the service
The goal of dealing with a person interested in the service is to acquire the necessary information about the interested person, i.e. verifying whether the interested person falls within the target group of the social service provided, as well as providing information about the social service, its possibilities and conditions of provision, doing so in a comprehensible manner, so that the interested person could decide whether he/she will be applying for our services.
The place of dealing with a person interested in the service can be the contact point at Lidická 174, Broumov – Velká Ves until 31.5. 2015, from 1.6. 2015 to 15.7.2015 provided at Lidická 35, Broumov, 550 01 and in the interested person´s natural environment (e.g. place of residence, the interested person´s home, out in the streets or at an authority).
The person interested in the service becomes a user the moment he/she is provided any kind of support by the worker and subsequently enters into a verbal agreement where the worker explains, step by step, the conditions for the provision of services and the mapping of the contract.

Detailed description of service implementation
The contract on the provision of a social service between the user and the provider is concluded on the basis of a verbal agreement.
Each social service user is at the beginning of cooperation with the worker directly instructed about his/her rights and duties and the rights and duties of the social service provider. He/she is instructed in detail especially about the right to file a complaint about the quality of the provided service or the worker´s behaviour and the conditions of opting out of the social service.
The course of the service is planned by the key worker together with the whole family as an equal partner in the form of mutual dialogue = talks about what is important for the user himself/herself, what does he/she want to achieve, what does he/she want to improve in, in what way will the service help him/her achieve these goals.
The key worker and the user establish how often and in what way will they work on fulfilling the goals.

Methods of work
Individual approach – the service is based on the individual needs of each user, supports the use of their own will, feelings and ideas and leads to taking over responsibility over one´s own life and developing the autonomy of the users and their social integration.
Supporting users towards their own activity and autonomy – the workers support the user in such a way that he/she will be able to independently and on their own change their unfavourable social situation.
Equal approach – services are provided regardless of gender, race, religion, state or political affiliation, sexual orientation or how does one participate in society´s life.
Confidentiality – maintaining confidentiality in accordance with Act 108/2006 Coll., on Social Services and Act 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, with the exemption of the obligation to report pursuant to § 367 and § 368 of Act No. 40/2009 Coll., of the Criminal Code.
Voluntariness – the service user may end the collaboration at any time without specifying the reasons
Absence of charges – the service is free of charge for users
Partnership and mutual respect – the users have the right to have and express their opinions and resolutions, they have the right to ask the employees their opinions and resolutions, but are not required to accept them.
Mutual safety – the users do not physically endanger the safety of the workers and other people located on the Centre´s premises, nor do the workers endanger the safety of the users.

Handling complaints

Each user is familiarized with the option to file a complaint about the quality or ways in which the service is being provided. Other citizens may file a complaint as well. A complaint can be filed in written or verbal form as well as anonymously.
Any OSP worker is obliged to accept the complaint and required to pass it on to the OSP service head.
The complaint must be handled without unnecessary delay, no later than 30 days after its filing.
In cases of anonymous complaints, the response will be put up on the notice board in the ground floor lobby of the Family Centre.
The regulations for filing a complaint are put up on the ground and first floor of the building. The complaint box is located at a discreet place on the ground floor.
Each complaint is recorded in the Book of Complaints and is assigned a registration number.
The provider is obliged to guarantee that the filing of a complaint be safe for the complaining party and does not damage them in any way.
The provider also follows the principle that each complaint represents an impetus to develop the service and increase its quality.

If the complaining party is not satisfied with how the complaint was handled, they may appeal:
Romodrom o.p.s.
Methodical Department
Braunova 1
155 00 Prague 1

A complaint regarding the organization as a whole can be filed with:
Capital City of Prague
Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague
Department of Health, Social Care and Prevention
Charvátova 9/145
110 00 Prague 1

Termination of service
The user may terminate cooperation with the social service provider at any time and without stating the reasons. The provider may terminate cooperation only if the social service user severely violates the rules of cooperation (a so-called penalty exclusion of the user, e.g. in cases when the user physically assaults the worker).
Cooperation between the contracting parties is terminated in cases when the social service user breaks contact or the individual plan contract has been fulfilled (and the user does not request further services).

Payment for services
The service is provided free of charge.

Additional information
Interested parties are informed about the provided social service via information flyers and the organization´s website. After the social service has been established, the existing service users refer about it to their social environment (in a positive or negative manner – depending on their personal experience with the service provided).

Spaces, material and technical equipment
The social service is provided exclusively in the OSP´s office located on the ground floor of the Family Centre building until 31. 5. 2015.
From 1.6. 2015 to 15.7.2015 the service will be provided at Lidická 35, Broumov, 550 01.

The building is a former primary school located in the immediate vicinity of most of the excluded localities in Broumov. Its spaces are functionally equipped with furniture and equipment as per the service users´ needs.
There are separate toilets for male and female clients and other toilets for workers of the service. The provider has Operating Rules of the Service prepared and put out on the notice board on the ground floor.

More information about the Family Centre can be found at: http://www.cprbroumov.cz/

The project is financed by the ESF and the state budget of the Czech Republic via the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment.
Programme registration number: CZ.1.04/3.2.00/55.00007