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Through Education Towards Employment

The main goal of the project is the work integration of 4 people from a different socio-cultural environment, members of an ethnic (Roma) minority permanently living in Prague. Due to the fact, that a large number of members of the target group (Roma minority in Prague) experience an accumulating number of issues which contribute to their exclusion from the job market: insufficient education and low qualification, absence of long-term employment experience and insufficient working habits, discrimination in the job market due to ethnicity etc., the project aims to help in the removal of these very limitations.

As part of the project, four people received training (Social Service Worker and Teaching Assistant qualification courses) and a training job in our functioning facilities (Family Competences Centre [Rev.1] 2x, Low Threshold Facility for Children and Youth Club K09, PREROD prison field programme). They were further provided individual motivational support and counselling, fully participated team supervisions and the like.

The project was implemented from 1.1. to 31.10. 2015. The project´s outcome are 4 supported people who have gained higher qualification and therefore also better chances at finding employment thanks to funding from the European Social Fund. Two project participants became employees of our organization and we are helping two more in finding employment. Project funding:

The Through Education Towards Employment project is financed by the Operational Programme Prague Adaptability
European Social Fund
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