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Inclusion Support in Slaný

The Inclusion Support in Slaný project, reg. no. CZ.02.3.61/0.0/0.0/16_039/0011270, is financed from the means of the European Social Fund, via the Operational Programme Research, Development, and Education, and from the means of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

The project´s main goal is inclusion in education. The project focuses on supporting children/pupils in Slaný from a socially weaker background and their parents, with the goal of including them into mainstream education and managing kindergarten/school without difficulties. 


Areas of provision:

  • the town of Slaný


For whom is the project intended?

  • preschool-aged children from a socio-economically disadvantaged and culturally different background,
  • primary school pupils from a socio-economically disadvantaged and culturally different background,
  • parents or legal representatives of these children and pupils.

We offer

  • an education centre for preschool children – for children of 3 to 7 years of age (preschool), the goal of the education centre is to increase the participation of children from a socially weaker background in preschool education,
  • tutoring pupils endangered facing failure at school – aimed at primary school pupils, the goal of the activity is to support the pupils in achieving success at school and prevent them from dropping out of education prematurely,
  • supporting and cooperating with parents – the goal of the activity is to motivate parents to support their children´s education, cooperation and communication of families with important actors who affect their children, directly or indirectly, especially education institutions.


Other activities:

  • introducing new methods to preschool education – the goal is to increase direct work workers´ qualification,
  • actively seeking and approaching the families of children who do not partake in preschool education – the goal of the activity is to increase the families´ involvement in preschool education, and ideally enrol a preschool-aged child to kindergarten,
  • close cooperation with primary schools and kindergartens in Slaný, with city hall departments, with the Social Inclusion Association, speech therapists, NGOs, and many other institutions.


When is the education centre open for preschool children:
















Pupils´ tutoring takes place in the afternoon based on the children´s individual needs with their legal representatives and tutors.

Principles of provision

  • services are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • discretion, the possibility to utilize services anonymously
  • support in an independent solving of one´s needs
  • individual approach
  • respecting the user´s free will


Martina Šárová – Coordinator for Parents
Phone: +420 775 889 499

Where to find us:



The Inclusion Support in Slaný project is being implemented from 1. 5 2019 to 30. 4 2022.


We express our gratitude for financial support in times of distance learning to:

  • Mr. Tomáš Bernát - 2x laptop
  • ČSOB - 20 tablets
  • Datasys s.r.o. - 13x laptop
  • Sabris CZ s.r.o. - 5x laptop
  • People in Need - 3x data card
  • Česko.Digital – Učíme online (Teaching Online) project