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Housing First

The Housing First project in the Moravian-Silesian Region, reg. no. CZ.03.2.X/0.0/0.0/19_108/0013971, is financed by the European Social Fund via the Operational Programme Employment.

The project´s main goal is to find and hold onto standard housing, with the secondary goal being to improve the overall situation of supported persons from the target group. The goal is not only to find housing, but mainly to create a home

As part of the project, Romodrom o.p.s. will, together with its partner organisation Nová možnost, z.ú., secure standard housing for at least 21 households from the Moravian-Silesian Region. The project is being implemented for 3 years and focuses on helping socially excluded people or people in danger of social exclusion, who also have other problems (e.g. addictions, mental illness, etc.).

For whom is the project intended?

  • homeless persons,
  • people living in an unsuitable or insecure housing.

We offer

  • support to 21 project participants, who are selected based on their need established from an anamnestic questionnaire,
  • we will create an individual housing plan with the project participant,
  • together with the participant, we will select the most suitable flat for them (financially available, located in an area where the participant wants to live, fulfilling the participant´s requirements in other criteria) from an available portfolio,
  • this is followed by contract signing and preparation for moving – deciding who will be registered as the payer for energies, familiarizing with the house rules, with the in-house habits, planning individual moving steps, arranging for subsequent flat equipment,
  • support after moving – regular visits at the participant´s flat – checking rent and energies payments, dealing with issues that have arisen together with the participant, homeowner, or neighbours, managing the family budget, minimizing and preventing risks associated with housing loss,
  • work on other areas of the participant´s life – involvement in the community, dealing with loneliness, family relations, debts, motivation to work, if the participant´s health allows.


Office hours:














8:00 (administration)

16:00 (administration)


We follow the following principles when providing our service:

  • the project is provided to the beneficiaries FREE OF CHARGE
  • support towards the independent resolution of one´s own needs
  • discrete and individual approach
  • respecting the user´s free will
  • housing is a human right,
  • the project participant´s option to choose and control,
  • separate housing and support,
  • focus on recovery,
  • harm reduction (risk minimization),
  • the participant´s active involvement without coercion,
  • individual planning based on the user´s needs,
  • flexible support for as long as necessary.


Mgr. Eva Nedomová – Project Coordinator
Phone: +420 778 491 144
E-mail: evanedomova@romodrom.cz

Silvia Knyblová 
Phone: +420 778 491 143
E-mail: silviaknyblova@romodrom.cz


Where to find us:

The project is being implemented from 1. 7. 2019 to 29. 6. 2022