Providing aid in Ukraine

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Provision of humanitarian aid in Mukachevo, Perechyn and Zarichevo in western Ukraine and operation of an integration centre in Mukachevo with educational activities.

The project is funded by Choose Love Foundation based in the UK, under the auspices of Prism - The Gift Fund.


The aim of the project is to contribute to the stabilization and improvement of the living situation of Roma communities in the above-mentioned localities through the distribution of humanitarian aid and the operation of an integration centre with educational activities in Mukachevo.

Since the last project last year, when it was mainly about helping to provide the basic necessities of life, alleviating hunger, helping to provide heating, improving access to drinking water, etc., we are trying to build on the trust we have gained and develop further development activities, especially within the integration centre. Educational activities do not only empower the children themselves, but are a boost to the whole community.

Another goal of the project is to help people directly in the locality where they live and thus prevent a mass refugee crisis that would make the situation of these people even worse.


Who is the project for?

The project targets the most needy groups in the localities. The targeting and organisation of aid is made possible by the involvement of local collaborators. As part of the regular delivery of humanitarian aid, periodic needs assessments are also carried out in each locality so that the aid, as well as the operation of the integration centre and educational activities, responds flexibly to the real situation on the ground.

What the project offers:

The project is built on two basic pillars - the operation of the integration centre and the regular distribution of humanitarian aid.

The integration centre has two educational workers and two assistants who offer help to Roma children who often have not had the chance to attend mainstream educational institutions. Preschool education as well as tutoring for older children is envisaged. A concomitant effect of education is the empowerment of the whole community, which often struggles with poor adult education and problems with reading and writing, and related problems with access to authorities and institutions.
The second pillar of the project is the periodic distribution of humanitarian aid - food parcels, hygiene items, winter clothing, as well as meeting any specific individual needs such as wheelchairs, etc. During the last winter, there was deliberate destruction of critical infrastructure in Ukraine, so the project anticipates that people's needs may change over time and is prepared to respond.

Who to contact:

Radek Wollmann - Project Manager
Mobile: +420 771 268 889


The project is implemented in the period from 1 September 2023 to 30 April 2024.