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Diakonia projects - support for Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of the provided social service (psychosocial counselling) to meet the needs on the ground.

Providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees can be difficult for several reasons - the constant fluidity of the situation, the trauma of refugees from the war, illiteracy (financial, social), language barriers (Roma dialect, Ukrainian, Hungarian), different cultural backgrounds and customs (including food), health care and access to it. Thus, social workers are often faced with the need to provide for the basic needs of these individuals and also often have to turn to various professionals whose assistance is often costly.


Who is the project for?

  • Thanks to this service, social workers will contribute to improving the situation of at least 150 Roma refugees over 24 months in various localities across the Czech Republic.

What the project offers:

  • Social workers mediate the services of relevant professionals such as lawyers, psychiatrists, etc.
  • They also provide basic individual needs that Roma refugees cannot afford.

The Diakonie project is organised by UMCOR, with Romodrom acting as a partner of the company. At the same time, it also acts as a partner of the DKH organization in the second Diakonie project, which serves to co-finance the first one.


Who to contact:

Šárka Šilhanová - Project Manager

Mobile: +420 778 474 898

E-mail: sarka.silhanová@romodrom.cz


The project is implemented in the period from 10. 10. 2022 to 10. 10. 2024.