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Do you have a suggestion to improve the service?

Have you experienced bullying or discrimination from Romodrom o.p.s. employees?

Have you experienced inappropriate behaviour from any of our employees?

Would you like to tell us something?


We are interested in your opinion!

Write to us at stiznosti@romodrom.cz

We can communicate with you further via email. We will also send information on how we have dealt with the complaint to the address from which it came.


We also have an anonymous mailbox: pripominky@romodrom.cz.

If you use this channel, your identity will remain hidden from us and we will not be able to contact you, so please provide us with as much detail and information as possible about your complaint so that we can investigate it quickly and efficiently.


You can also contact us via voice mail.

If you prefer to use voice communication, we have a voice line where you can voice your complaint or feedback. Call +420 771 290 222 and follow the instructions. Again, we will maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.


Who has access to the complaints handling:

  • Quality Management Department
  • Operations Director of the organisation
  • Evaluation and Monitoring Manager

These persons will handle the complaint. The complaint is primarily handled by the Quality Management Department, who may suggest process improvements, work or sanction the worker, or assess the complaint as unjustified. Only trained persons who ensure anonymity and confidentiality of the complaint will handle the complaint.


You will always receive a report of receipt of the complaint within 3 working days.


Duration of the process:
A) In the case of a complaint about the quality of services provided: 30 days. Within this time you will receive a response by email, text message or we will post on the office notice board (in the case of an anonymous submission) how we have dealt with the complaint.

B) In the case of a report involving sexually threatening conduct: the first contact with you should be within 24 hours, with the first priority being to ensure the safety and health of the reporting party and/or victim. Subsequently, within 72 hours, the investigation process will be initiated.

C) In the case of a report fulfilling the characteristics of whistleblowing: 30 days, which may be extended by a maximum of 60 days depending on the severity.